Databases scare alot of people because they don’t understand what a database is.
A database can be any “organized” stored information. (“organized” is in quotes because sometimes that’s what needs to be fixed first, but generally the definition of database is organized data).
There are some basic types of databases and they are implemented and very in how they store and organize the data.
The data can be as simple as a list of the Names of the people you know.
or it may be a collection or pictures you like or movies or a complex set of interconnected data about customers, customer contact info, products your company sells, your Vendors, Vendor contact info, Sales, Promotions, Discounts, Marketing ecetera.
We’ve all seen and used a database.
If you ever opened a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that had columns of information you’ve worked in a database.
The basic types of databases are: Flat File databases, Relational Databases, and NoSQL Databases.

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