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I came into the SAS world not at a Business nor during my college studies.
I was exposed to SAS because it was the tool PhD students I was helping with database issues needed the databases to work with: SAS for statistical analysis.
So the first thing I learned was Importing and Exporting datasets.
I crash coursed variables and functions and then decided I would attend the SAS institute workshops and get SAS base programmer Certification.
I recommend you have access to a working copy of SAS to practice on and be familiar with SAS prior to going through the workshops, it will be much less stressful.

As a learning tool SAS has a version of their Enterprise Guide program available for license for around $200 per year. It’s biggest limitations currently are limited ability to work with Microsoft Excel worksheets and files and the inability to utilize your own datasets. SAS, the company, obviously want you to purchase their full commercial products to do your own data analyses. They sell annual usage licenses based on what functional modules you need and each module are typically $2,000 to $10,000 each per year. That is cost prohibitive for most students.

Luckilly, most students have a supportive Professor that will allow them to use a license for research purposes, but that’s not guaranteed.

SAS has released some less expensive products since 2012 and

If you are studying for the Certification exams follow this link.
If you are wondering how to code your own statistical analysis follow this link.
I will try to tie together the statistics theory and the code snippets to help you get the job done.